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"...revealing our plans for the 2014 elections..."

Wave one: April 22 in the European Union (#www)
Wave two: October 4 in the United States of America (#www2)

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Neahkahnie View/Peter Newman. Guests: Micah White, American creator of the "Occupy Wall Street" meme, discusses the history and future of social and political activism, reclaiming democracy and his upcoming workshop, March 13, in Nehalem.

A frank account of the "constructive failure" of Occupy Wall Street, an assessment of the challenges facing activists worldwide, and "one revolutionary scenario" for America.

The Story Thus Far

This is the story a global people’s movement on the brink of sovereignty. Our heroine is you—the people who will pull off the greatest election coup in history…

The political stars are aligning. All signs indicate that the next spiritual insurrection is set to begin.

In late May, 2014 there will be a Europe-wide election to fill the EU’s Parliament. This election has been held every five years since 1979 and for the first time in human history, a people’s party will be running. In fact, two people’s parties are expected to challenge the political establishment.

From Spain, the indignados have created Partido X (the party of the future)—a sleek horizontalist machine that incorporates their experience in 2011. Partido X is deeply populist and assembly oriented. In an email one of their founders sent Micah White, the Partido X writes:

Dear Micah,

We contact you after having read the interview where you state that "The people must become the government". We are really happy to find people that is thinking in projects similar to ours in different contexts.

For more than a year we have been developing a 'prototype' of a citizen network that could beable to pose a threat to the duopoly of Spanish main parties. For the last several months we have been building that network, which now includes thousands of people and active nodes in many of the main Spanish cities. We have developed methods of democratic participation for creating the political program of the party and methods for presenting and choosing between citizen candidates to elections. 

Our goal is to create a citizen movement with real possibilities at the next Spanish general elections

Yours sincerely,

Red Ciudadana, Partido X

And from Italy, Europe’s largest populist movement, the 5 Star Movement, is making a serious bid.

The M5S is a pacifist movement that is neither left nor right. They are despised by the old world because they refuse to coalition with preexisting political parties. They represent an entirely new political entity, argues this Washington Post blog. The M5S is expected to get at least 3% of the vote. 

If either people’s party gets 5% then they will win seats in the European Parliament, a major symbolic victory against the financiers who control democracy in the EU. 

Then in November, with the glow of electoral victory emanating from Europe, all eyes will turn to the United States for the midterm elections.

The midterm elections in the US and the European Parliament elections share one important thing: they have the lowest voter participation. In the US it is around 40%. This makes the election unpredictable.


If a social movement were to suddenly arise in the United States of America willing to challenge the vote by putting forward candidates who inspired the people to come into the streets… well we will find out what happens in November, 2014!

The Story Continues:

BAC Blog
"I am telling you now that @Mov5Stelle will win the European elections," @Beppe_Grillo said.

5 Star Movement leader Beppe Grillo insists his party will be the largest Italian bloc in the next European Parliament, despite changes to voting rules being pushed through in Italy.

Understanding The 2014 European Elections: This time it's different.

The European elections of 22-25 May 2014 give the people the chance to influence the future political course of the European Union when they elect the 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) for the next five years.

Letter from Partido X—On the events happening in Spain.

Dear Micah,

We write you to announce some interesting events happening in Spain next February. The next months will be quite exciting and very important to determine what happens in the next EU elections. We will be working intensely to be ready for the challenge we are facing.

"En el comienzo fuimos ingenuos, ahora necesitamos avanzar" - Micah White, uno de los fundadores del movimiento Occupy Wall Street

La Tercera: ¿Cuál es la situación actual del movimiento Occupy Wall Street?

Micah White: El movimiento está innovando y se está preparando para el lanzamiento de un partido político, si es posible en febrero de 2014. Además, queremos estar listos para las elecciones de gobernador del próximo año. Tenemos que ver cómo vamos a poder intervenir.