Boutique Activist Consultancy

Our mission is to  create global social movements for the people’s good.

Boutique Activist Consultancy is a social change consulting firm that serves a hand-picked international clientele of people’s parties, political celebrities, and emergent social movements. Our consultancy is “for the people” and specializes in trend-setting social movement creation, theory and innovation. We promise our clients global strategy, tactical innovation and discreet service.

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Humanity faces an unparalleled ecological, economic and spiritual catastrophe. In place of a dynamic democracy guided by the demos (the people), a gridlocked corporatocracy of money reigns. The one thousand Occupy encampments that emerged briefly during the spiritual insurrection of 2011 was a testament to the 99%’s worldwide demand for change. Bottom-up social movements are the only force capable of restoring democracy and unleashing collective creativity.

We have built our consultancy atop a dynamic for-profit contractor model designed to liberate activism from limitations to innovation.

Our antecedents are commercial social change consultancies such as CANVAS, founded by the creative team behind Otpor!—the Serbian social movement that toppled Slobodon Milosovic—and Purpose, whose principals created Avaaz and GetUp!.

Boutique Activist Consultancy contrasts with commercial social change firms because we are for the people. We hand-pick our clients in pursuit of a non-commercial, non-corporate global populist vision of our own. We identify and amplify the nascent forces in the world whose victories fit into a larger story of liberation.

In everything we do, we seek to hasten the final uprising in the chain of people’s revolts that stretches back beyond Occupy Wall Street to the dawn of democracy.

The Consultants of B.A.C.

Micah M. White, PhD

Principal and Founding Counsultant

Micah White is the American creator of the Occupy Wall Street meme. He has been profiled by The New YorkerThe Walrus and the alumni magazine of Swarthmore College for his founding role in the Occupy movement. Micah is a board member of the Occupy Solidarity Network, the solidarity nonprofit founded by Occupy Wall Street.

Current research interests: Activist InnovationPre-Modern Social Change TheoryGlobalismMemeticsPopulism

Chiara Ricciardone, C.Phil

Founding Consultant

Chiara T. Ricciardone is a Ph.D. student and part-time organizer. Her intellectual and practical expertise overlap in concept, metaphor, text, and process development.  She specializes in organizing surprising spaces for intellectual engagement.     

Current research interests: Ancient Rhetoric, Ancient Philosophy, Horizontal Learning, Digital Metaphysics, the Singularity and pluralism

Lorraine Ortiz

Associate Logistics Consultant

Lorraine Ortiz is a logistics consultant with expert speciality in event conceptualization, fund growth, and people-to-people outreach. She is the founder of two non-profits and a two-time small business owner. Lorraine has lived in the rural, frontier of Nehalem, Oregon (Cascadia) since 1990.

Current research interests: Event Concept + ManagementEndowment DevelopmentEmergent Business CreationProduct DevelopmentGraphic and Publication Design