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Letter from Partido X—On the events happening in Spain.

MundializationBAC StaffComment
The future of activism is happening right now in Spain.

Here is a letter I received today from founders of Partido X. Are North American activists up to the challenge of assembling a citizen’s network of this kind?

We will find out in November.
— Micah White

Dear Micah,

We write you to announce some interesting events happening in Spain next February.

Partido X will go on tour around 15 Spanish cities. At each city we will present an 'episode' of the work we have been developing during the last year. All the events are funded in a collective and transparent manner via 15 parallel crowdfundings which in a few days have collected more than 8,000€ from hundreds of people.

During the tour some of the work developed so far will be presented:


The next months will be quite exciting and very important to determine what happens in the next EU elections. We will be working intensely to be ready for the challenge we are facing.



Red Ciudadana, Partido X